A gem in the Dolomites

La Ducale

We build value

The brand HABITARIA- by La Ducale, attests the quality of each property, designed according to top living standards. According to la Ducale, the value of each property is developed following three values.

  • A space that suits dreams and needs
  • Value in terms of investment: high-tech properties that guarantee principal revaluation over time
  • Value in terms of quality advice during the purchase process: a thorough and constant advice which is commercial, architectural, legal, and financial.

Value meant as the certainty to deliver, each time, an amazing property.

A dedicated team, which is different from the one working every day in the construction site, who is constantly checking all the quality aspects and the project specifications in order to deliver a world-class final product. There are more than 100 controls on structural quality, on installations and finishes, before the five final tests, one of which is the one directly made by the customer .

Attention to quality that, together with the company’s financial strength, characterizes La Ducale, that stands out for its patrimonial balance, with a share capital of more than 74 million euros.