Your own private space

Your private space

Enjoy quality, with no compromises

Habitaria philosophy is what makes a difference to the living spaces. Their design, as well as all their architectural and system selection, are only a couple of the most qualifying traits of Habitaria Wood. From the aluminum waterproof roof coating, with 40-years warranty, to the sound-absorbing walls.
Inside the apartments: huge windows up to more of 4 linear metres, advanced air-heating systems, doors and windows of the best quality and thermoacoustic efficiency.
And again, spacious terraces, up to 2,50 metres wide with Greenwood® floors.

Apartments with double
o triple exposure

Terraces up to 2,50 metres wide

up to 4 linear metres

Your home as a tailor-made dress

Habitaria Wood features wood floorings with broad planks up to 2,50 metres long, bathrooms coated with natural stones , walk in showers, top range doors and windows with larch wood inside and coated with aluminum on the outside .

For the best comfort and efficiency, all the Habitaria Wood apartments are equipped with Level 3 domotic system for internal temperature, blinds, alarm system and load management. Inside the garages, which have been designed in order to meet all needs sizewise, it is possible to charge electric cars.

Natural stone floorings

Natural stone shower trays

Domotic system

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