Sustainable and enviable

Energy efficiency and care for the environment

Habitaria Wood has energy rating c A+, the most efficient in the Region. Habitaria Wood offers solar power systems and air conditioning systems with pellet boilers, the perfectly sustainable and efficient compromise.
Habitaria Wood uses only woods coming from the European Union PEFC-FSC certified, together with ETA certification for the control of the supply chain .
Greenwood® floors, which have been selected for the terraces, permit to limit trees cut down using recycled raw materials. Greenwood® does not release pollutants, and it is 100% recyclable in the same supply chain and can also be used as a fuel.

Energy rating A+

Eco friendly
heating pellet system

Solar panels

Triple glazing

Certifications of sustainability
and suppliers PEFC-FSC and ETA

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Tecnocasa branch Madonna di Campiglio
Via Cima Tosa, 13
38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN)

Telephone: 0465 443197

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